There are four categories of membership:

  • Professional – Medically Licensed by the State of Illinois
  • EMR Trained – Current and Certified
  • Certified Member – CPR and First Aid
  • Honorary / Supporter – Corporate Sponsor, Political, NFP Associations and or Family



In order to be recognized as a full patch member with full voting rights one must meet the following requirements:

1.  Full membership in the EMS ROADDOCS RC is open to; male or female (full time, part time, or reserve) or retired EMS.  Anyone who has a CPR card or serves in the Police, Military, Firefighters, Civil Defense with the approval of the executive board or original officer.

2.  A spouse or significant other of a full member.

3.  Select civilians of at least 21 years of age who demonstrate the ideals and values of the EMS ROADDOCS with:
a.  Endorsement of a full member in good standing.
b.  Percentage of medical members must not be less than 60%

Potential Members

Any individual interested in obtaining membership to the EMS ROADDOCS RC.

1.   An individual who desires membership but does not have a sponsor and is not known by the members must become familiar with the membership by attending club events and activities and should make his/her intentions known to the executive board and chapter members.  When and if the board feels that the candidate is ready to become a member, they will assign the Peace Keeper as the sponsor.  The candidate will be invited to a general meeting and be introduced to the membership as a candidate for membership.

2.  If the potential member is known by a member of the EMS ROADDOCS RC that member shall be their sponsor and will introduce them at a general club meeting.

Duration of Membership

EMS ROADDOCS membership will continue as long as a person maintains membership in good standing.

Membership in Good Standing

1.    A member in good standing must be a full patch member.
2.   All chapter members will be required to comply with the EMS ROADDOCS by-laws and their individual chapter opening policy.
3.  All EMS ROADDOCS members will be required to participate in at least 1 sanctioned event per year supporting EMS ROADOC chapter activities and events in doing so.

Further information is included in the Roaddocs Bylaws