Roaddocs Illinois Chapter

Formed in 2012, the largest of the thirteen state chapters was formed by a group of local leaders. The EMS ROADDOCS- ILLINOIS  is a Non-For-Profit,  non-exclusive club open to anyone who enjoys motorcycles.

EMS ROADDOCS ILLINOIS  is a collection of state licensed medical professionals motorcyclist and motorcycle enthusiasts volunteering their time and talents supporting community events, utilizing the unique mobility of motorcycles when appropriate. We are an active motorcycle group delivering Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Emergency Communications. We welcome doctors, nurses, and EMS professionals. The CPR and First Responders  round out our organization.

It’s all about riding, going to rallies and friendships. We don’t ride from bar to bar. Our policy is that we never drink and ride.

We stand strong behind our cornerstones and believe in supporting our  local businesses and buying American.  The EMS ROADDOCS cornerstones are; Community Service,  Medical Training,  Business Networking,  and  Leadership.

The EMS ROADDOCS ILLINOIS   was founded on the idea of service and comradery. We organize fund-raising activities, honor  all branches of Military Service and proudly support all local veteran organizations.